The Best Portable Laser Engraver – 2022

After hours of researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Portable Laser Engraver of 2022. Check our ranking below.

Our Picks For The Top Portable Laser Engraver

Bestseller No. 1
40W Portable Laser Engraver P7 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 5.5W Output 0.02mm² Laser Spot, Metal Direct Engraving, 10mm Wood, 8mm Acrylic Cutting, 200x200mm Open-Frame Working Space
  • 【High Tech Laser Module】Newly Designed Laser Module With 4-fold Lens Group And Collimation Focusing Technology, Output 5.5W Laser in Extremely Small Spot Of 0.02mm², Remarkable Laser Power Density Enable You to Engrave on Stainless Steel Metal And Ceramic Directly With Great Details, Cut 10mm Thick Wood And 6~8mm Black Acrylic Easily.
  • 【Upgraded Safety Protection】The New Flame Retardant Panoramic Glass Eye Protection Shield Filter Out 97% Of UV to Better Protect Eyes Of Yours And Everyone Around’s, Save You The Money And Inconvenience Buying And Wearing a Goggle, While You Can Look At The Laser Movement Inside.
  • 【Easy to Use】Assemble Within 5 Minutes, 85% Of The Machine is Pre-assembled For You! Pre-fixed-focus Laser Need No Zooming Effort, Only Thing Needed is to Easily Adjust The Knob And Get The Perfect Laser Module Height. 200*200mm Open-frame Working Area is Perfect For You to Place Objection With Little Limitation. Packed With 4 Supporting Blocks to Lift Machine Up For Taller Objects.
  • 【Solid Structure】All Anodized Aluminum Alloy Structure, Lightweight, Solid And Durable, is Essential For A Laser Engraver to Engrave And Cut Accurately. This Machine Use An Integral Screw Rod Integrated With Stepping Motor, Rather Than Combined Coupling, Makes Laser Movement Much More Precise.
  • 【Wide compatibility】P7 M40 Work With LaserGRBL and LightBurn, Which Are The Most Used Laser Software In The World, Supports Window XP, 7, 8, 10, MacOS, Compatible With Various Types Of Image Formats Such As NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.
Bestseller No. 2
Aufero Portable Laser Engraver, Mini Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine for Wood and Metal, 32-bit Motherboard LaserGRBL(LightBurn), Eye Protection Fixed-Focus, 7.1'' x 7.1'' DIY Engraving Area(LU2-2)
  • Pre-assembled Package: The Aufero 1 portable laser engraver comes pretty much assembled; simply insert the laser head into its holding bracket and connect the two wires and it is going to work right out of the box; perfect entry-level laser engraver for the beginners and hobbyists
  • Advanced Firmware: Adopting advanced motherboard (32-bit MCU) for fast and precise engraving; processes 32 instructions and supports up to 921600 baud rate; LU2-2 fixed focus laser module has a luminous power of 1,000-1,600mw and 0.07x0.06mm focal spot, perfect for engraving high precision patterns
  • Broad Compatibility: The Aufero 1 laser engraver works with mature engraving software-LaserGRBL(free), LightBurn(paid); supports Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10, Mac and Linux systems; supports BMP, JPG, PNG, JPEG, SVG file types; works on food, MDF, paperboard, plywood, black acrylic, leather, powder-coated metal, stone, etc
  • 4 Safety Protection: Built with 4 protections: active position protection, exposure duration detection and limitation, laser beam safety guard and current safety control system; full safety protection allows you to hook on your project without any worry
  • Dual Eye Protection: The Aufero 1 laser engraving machine features a protective cover that effectively filters 97% UV light and protects your eyes from dazzling beam; comes with a pair of goggles for more protection; kind reminder: do not stare into the beam
Bestseller No. 3
LaserPecker 1 Laser Etcher, Portable Laser Engraver Mini DIY Laser Engraving Machine, Compressed Spot High Precision Small Laser Engraver for Logo Craft Custom Engrave ​- Gold
  • 💎The Most Useful Mini Laser Engraver: Do you want to create inspiration anytime at home? Or want to make exclusive gifts for your friends and family during the holiday season? Or want to customize your logo in small batches? LaserPecker L1 Laser Engraver meet your needs!
  • 💎LaserPecker L1 Laser Engraver: 0.3mm Compressed Spot, engraving range: 3.9"*3.9". Focal length: 7.5"(the distance from laser unit to the surface of engraved item). Support power supply through 5V 2A mobile power supply. COULD ENGRAVEING: Wood, Kraft paper, Leather, Fruit, Felt etc. COULDN'T ENGRAVEING: Metal, Glass, plastic, stone.
  • 💎Compact Design: LaserPecker L1 Engraving Machine is very small size, only 2.6" * 2.4" * 2.1", Weight 6 oz, can be mastered in one hand, it is a real handheld laser engraving machine. Perfect for entry-level creators, you can do a lot of inspiration without expensive prices and taking up less space.
  • 💎Durable and Safe: Laser etching machine with high quality 1.6W laser head make durablity, better stability and long working time. Multiple safety features such as Working warning alert, Displacement automatically stops when engraving, Overheat shutdown, Enter password before work will keep you safe from accidents. Safe Certification: CE, FCC, FDA, RoHS, CDRH, IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class1), IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 4). Our products support 1 year warranty and full life customer service.
  • 💎Complete Creative Production Through APP: Our Engraving Machine controlled via bluethooth by smartphone. APP support 4 engraving modes, import images, text, drawing or painting directly; Supported File Formats: JPG / BMP /PNG /G-code etc, Photo / Vector both supported.
Bestseller No. 4
LaserPecker 2(Pro) Laser Engraver, 60W Laser Engraving Machine Handheld 5W Compressed Spot 0.05mm High Precision, 36000mm/min High Speed Laser Etching Cutter for Wood Alloy Leather - with Roller
  • 🎅🎅New Upgrade Version: The LaserPecker L2 Laser Engraver with the dual lens galvanometer technology makes this gadget runs faster than those with same power. 1417"/min max engraving speed, Frame/Graphic preview speed up to 8858"/min. 0.05mm compressed spot create more details, 3 resolution options 1k/1.3k/ 2k provide perfect details level.
  • 🎄🎄360° Rotary/Mobile Engraving: With the help of the 3rd Axis (rotatry module), LaserPecker L2 engraving tool can do 360° rotary engraving on cylindrical surfaces such as bottle, pencil; At the same time support extended to "slab mode" and "trolly mode", extend the engraving length to 78"-196" (the width remains the same as 4").
  • ☃️☃️Easy to Use: Our laser cutter plug and play, no tedious installation required. Innovative handle design, support hand-held engraving, not limited by the scene. Small size, easy to take on-the-go. Easily connect with smartphone or PC, set up in seconds and start your handcraft projects. Keep 11cm(4.33") Laser Distance, set correct power/depth for different materials. File format supports jpg./svg./png./bmp./DWG./Al./CDR./G-code and more.
  • 🎁🎁Functional & Widely Used: LaserPecker L2 engraving machine CAN Engrave: Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Leather, Acrylic, Anodized/Painted Aluminum, Stainless steel, etc; CAN’T Engrave: Pure metal (such as pure gold, sterling silver, copper etc.), and PVC, PET and other plastics; CAN Cutting: Wood, Paper, Leather (thickness within 0.2"). ATTENTION: light color or transparent material will reflect laser, paint/spray it black with marker before engraved and wipe when jobs done.
  • 🦌🦌Safety&Guarantee: The grabadora laser with blue light filter protection cover and glasses, can effectively prevent blue light from damaging eyes. Overheating power off/Displacement power off/Preset password and emergency stop button etc. multiple functions ensure the safety during the engraving process and avoid personal and property injuries caused by improper operation. 💎We offers a 12-month warranty. If you have any questions during use, please contact us without hesitation.
Bestseller No. 5
LaserPecker 1 Pro Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Engraver Mini 405nm Wavelength Laser Etcher, 0.15mm High Precision Engraver for Felt Leather Wood (No for Metal) - with Auto Focus Stand
  • 🎅LaserPecker L1 Pro Suit: Added auto-adjusting support stand compared to L1 Pro Basic. Automatically adjust to enable laser at its optimal focus (7.8") without manual measuring. This stand can be quickly folded into book size and be taken anywhere you go. The embedded fan clears the pungent gas immediately as you engraving to avoid possible discomforts.
  • 🎄Mini Engraving Machine: Laser Unit weighs only 6.7 oz. Small and portable handheld laser engraver can even be carried in a pocket. You can create as much as you like in any scene, as long as you have inspiration.
  • ☃️Easy to Use: Our laser cutter plug and play, no tedious installation required. Easily connect with smartphone, set up in seconds and start your handcraft projects. Keep 20cm(7.8") Laser Distance, set correct power/depth for different materials. File format supports jpg./svg./png./bmp./DWG./Al./CDR./G-code and more.
  • 🎁Widely Used: LaserPecker L1 Pro laser engraver CAN Engrave: Paper-board, Fabric, Wood, Leather, Felt,Cloth, Fruit, etc; Light color or transparent material will reflect laser, paint/spray it black with marker before engraved and wipe when jobs done. 𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: 𝐂𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐥/𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐞/𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜.
  • 🤶Safe and Guarantee: LaserPecker L1 Pro has built-in protections to ensure safe use: overheat shutdown, password lock, motion detection,goggles; Safe Certification: CE, FCC, FDA, RoHS, CDRH, IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 1.), IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 4.); 30 days free replacement, 1-year warranty, and full life customer service.
Bestseller No. 6
Jinsoku LE-1620 5.5W Portable Laser Engraver, 7.8" x 6.3" Work Area, Z-Height Adjustment Knob, Pre-Assembled Laser Engraving Cutting Machine for Wood Paper Plastic Leather Fabric
  • Perfect size and power for your projects: Jinsoku LE-1620 Laser Engraver has a work area of 200mm X 160mm (7.8" x 6.3") and a 5.5W laser module. Capable of cutting through 3mm of Basswood without the need for air, perfect for engraving large objects thanks to its portability, making the LE-1620 a perfect machine for your engraving and cutting jobs.
  • Easy Setup: Taking advantage of a modular design, this laser engraving machine is super easy to assemble. Resources like detailed assembly guide, software configurations and engraving/cutting settings on different materials are all provided to make sure you start your engraving journey with ease.
  • Test Fire Button & Z-Height Adjustment Knob: “Test Fire” Feature is built stock on the side of the Jinsoku LE-1620. With one simple press, you can know the exact position of the laser beam and start your engraving job at the right place. In addition, a T-screw linear motion system is used so that you can adjust your z-axis height smooth and easy.
  • Pro Performance: 32-bit mainboard, customized industry-grade profiles, detachable laser head for stable motion, double limit switches and quality laser diode contribute to delivering a fast and precise engraving result. A UL Certified PSU is also used to ensure stability and safety.
  • Professional Technical Support: Quick start tutorial is included in Installation Guide. If you get stuck, check out the SainSmart Resource Center (see at User Guide) or contact us with any questions that arise.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Laser Engraver WAINLUX JL3 Pro, 30W Fixed-Focus Laser Engraving Machine, High Precision 0.05mm, Portable Laser Cutter Support Lightburn, Print Size 14.3''x14.5'',Eye Protection, DIY Marking Wood Metal
  • 【Powerful Laser Module】The 30W fixed-focus laser module is equipped with a lifting frame, which can flexibly adjust the engraving distance. FAC laser technology makes the beam more concentrated, the energy is more powerful, the engraving accuracy is 0.05mm, which can cleanly cut 6mm pine boards. The engraving area is up to 14.3''x14.5'', so please unleash your creativity on over one hundred materials including paper, bamboo, wood, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, sprayed metal glass, etc.
  • 【Advanced Firmware】WAINLUX JL3 Pro Laser Engraving Cutting Machine has upgraded firmware and optimized motion algorithm, which is smarter, faster, more accurate and support offline engraving. Including the increase of the motor speed, the engraving speed is faster, and the displacement of the laser module can be controlled more accurately. If the engraving effect is not considered, it can be as high as 300mm/s.
  • 【Solid Structure & Easy Installationl】The body structure designed by stainless steel and acrylic makes this portable laser engraver both sturdy and lightweight. The entire laser engraving machine adopts a modular design, which is convenient for users to assemble, repair, and replace and update machine parts. It can now be assembled very easily and is stable for long time engraving or cutting jobs. This laser machine also comes with eye protection glasses, wrench and many other accessory tools.
  • 【Wide Software Compatibility】JL3 Pro Laser engraving machine is compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn.(Our self-developed free app is stored in the attached USB flash drive, it is suitable for beginners). The laser engraver supports Win7/Win8/Win10/MAC/IOS/Android System, engraving file format supports JPEG/BMP/GIF/PLT/PNG/DXF/JPG/XJ/HPGL.
  • 【Quality Assurance and Service】Why choose us? As long as you buy a laser engraving machine from WAINLUX manufacturer, we all provide 2 years warranty service and technical support, our after-sales team will reply your email within 24 hours. We support 30-day unreasonable returns, including replacement of wearing parts and replacement of new machines (non-human-caused failures).
Bestseller No. 8
Laser Engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro, 3000mW Laser Engraving Machine, 0.05mm Accuracy, BT Connection Portable Mini Laser Cutter Engraver Tool for Wood Vinyl Leather Glass, DIY Art, Logo Design
  • 【SMALL SIZE. POWERFUL LASER】Its 3000mW laser power makes it faster and more powerful than other portable engravers. It makes engraving on harder surfaces a breeze! Engraving materials include: cardboard, wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, cut paper or other flammable materials (such as mobile phone cases, mice, business cards, wallets, glass must be spray paint etc.). Note: stainless steel, metal, glass, crystal and transparent or translucent stuff can not be engraved.
  • 【SIMPLE CONNECT. SMART CONTROL】You can connect via BT to connect your android or IOS mobile phone. Once you connect, you’ll select your design in the App and start the engraving process. You can also connect via USB to connect to your Windows or Mac computer. Our App is completely free and the operation interface is brief, which supports various files. There are four models engraving black and white, discrete, outline and supported image formats are JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP/PNG.
  • 【DURABLE DESIGN】This is a miniature laser engraving machine with a closed and hidden body design. It’s the perfect portable art studio you can bring anywhere! Built-in protective lenses to reduce harmful blue light from laser enable you to safely observe the engraving process without harm to your eyes when using the proper eye protection. The built-in exhaust van stops any smoke from the engraving process from affecting the final design and helps to dissipate heat.
  • 【EASY-TO-USE & ENGRAVE SAFELY】K6 mini laser engraver projects a preview of your image on the surface before engraving! It displays the planned size of the engraving, making it super easy to see where your finished project will be located. Movement Protection & Overheating Monitoring: When you are engraving, If the inner temperature approaches its heat threshold or an accidental movement is noticed during operation, it will shut down immediately to ensure the safety of users and equipment.
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE AND AFTER - SALE SERVICE】We have a professional customer service team. If you need a pre-sale consultant or encounter any problems, you can get more product-related service and help through the support website (Contact Customer Service)! The WAINLUX K6 laser engraving machine has passed CE, FCC, FDA certification. We are so confident that you will love this laser engraver.
Bestseller No. 9
BORHONY Pro Laser Engraver Machines, Portable Laser Engraving, Mini Laser Printer with Bluetooth App Control, High Engraving Accuracy, for DIY Logo Design, Art Craft Science
  • 【🔆FASTER ENGRAVING SPEED & LARGER AREA】BORHONY laser engraving machine 0.01mm engraving accuracy and 12000mm/min high speed, improve your engraving accuracy and speed.The creative space is larger, the engraving area can reach 100*100mm.
  • 【🔆DETACHABLE DESIGN, EASY TO CARRY】The laser etching machine can be disassembled, can be carried separately, and Print panel can be folded which is convenient to carry and store, supports power bank charging, suitable for DIY enthusiasts, small factories/studios, student projects, craftsmen.
  • 【🔆BLUETOOTH CONTROL, SIMPLE OPERATION】BONHONY mini laser engraver adopts Bluetooth control, easy to operate. Support a variety of image formats and five printing modes: grayscale, print, black and white, outline, stamp. In addition, you can freely edit the picture, easily adjust the size, position and angle.
  • 【🔆SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE ENGRAVING MATERIALS】BONHONY mini 5w laser engraver can selecte different engraving depths, and a variety of materials are supported, such as leather, cloth, peel, wood products, cardboard, kraft paper, etc. CAN NOT engrave metal surface & transparent plastic.
  • 【💗SECURITY PROTECTION, SUPPORT AFTER-SALES】BORHONY portable laser engraver with protective glasses to protect the eyes. One-button pause button, vibration, knockdown automatic pause function, overheating, overvoltage protection mechanism.If you buy any BORHONY product, it will support one-year after-sales service. If there is any product problem, we will have professional technicians to guide you.
SaleBestseller No. 10
xTool D1 Laser Engraver with Rotary, 5W Ultra Accurate Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine, 36W CNC Machine, Laser Engraving Machine Support LightBurn, Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal, 17'' x 16''
  • 【Ultra-fine and Powerful Laser Technology】 Makeblock xTools D1 is the Best DIY laser cutter and engraver machine for beginners/business starter/ hobbyists/designers/home-makers/professionals. It adopts the latest high power 5-7.5W laser module with 0.08mm ultra-fine compressed spot, cutting speed up to 10000mm/min, can cut 8mm wood board and 3mm acrylic in one pass, directly engrave uncoated stainless steel.
  • 【Higher Accuracy cutter and engraver machine】The all-steel wheel and shaft and synchronous belt enable motion accuracy of up to 0.01 mm and repeatable positioning accuracy of less than 0.02 mm, allowing the xTool D1 laser engraving machine to engrave and cut all details of design drawings 1-to-1 with high silence throughout. It maintains a perfect engraving effect even after long times use.
  • 【Cylinder Engraving & Larger Engraving Area】xTool D1 laser engraving machine can engrave huge diameter cylinders with a rotary attachment. 17"x15.98"(432*406 mm) large engraving range and 5.51"(140mm) engraving height(with 2 sets risers)to meet various DIY needs.
  • 【Wide Compatibility and Multiple Connection Ways】xTool D1 portable laser engraver can be compatible with LightBurn and our beginner-friendly software Laserbox Basic. You can transfer data via Wi-Fi, USB cable, TF card and use xTool D1 anytime and anywhere. Unleash your creativity on over a hundred materials such as acrylic, metal, wood, stainless steel, cylinder, glass, rubber, leather, food, paper, fabric, ceramics, bamboo, PCB board, etc.
  • 【Simple to Use and Excellent Quality】The entire engraving machine has a modular design of aluminum alloy and can typically be assembled in 10-20 minutes. The new laser head design features a focus lever and knob design allowing you to adjust the focus easily and quickly without tools. In addition, we have a professional US technical team and support website to solve all your problems within 24 hours.

How Do You Buy The Best Portable Laser Engraver?

Do you get stressed out thinking about shopping for a great Portable Laser Engraver? Do doubts keep creeping into your mind? We understand because we’ve already gone through the whole process of researching Portable Laser Engraver, which is why we have assembled a comprehensive list of the greatest Portable Laser Engraver available in the current market. We’ve also come up with a list of questions that you probably have yourself.

We’ve done the best we can with our thoughts and recommendations, but it’s still crucial that you do thorough research on your own for Portable Laser Engraver that you consider buying. Your questions might include the following:

  • Is it worth buying an Portable Laser Engraver?
  • What benefits are there with buying an Portable Laser Engraver?
  • What factors deserve consideration when shopping for an effective Portable Laser Engraver?
  • Why is it crucial to invest in any Portable Laser Engraver, much less the best one?
  • Which Portable Laser Engraver are good in the current market?
  • Where can you find information like this about Portable Laser Engraver?

We’re convinced that you likely have far more questions than just these regarding Portable Laser Engraver, and the only real way to satisfy your need for knowledge is to get information from as many reputable online sources as you possibly can.

Potential sources can include buying guides for Portable Laser Engraver, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. Thorough and mindful research is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best possible Portable Laser Engraver. Make sure that you are only using trustworthy and credible websites and sources.

We provide an Portable Laser Engraver buying guide, and the information is totally objective and authentic. We employ both AI and big data in proofreading the collected information. How did we create this buying guide? We did it using a custom-created selection of algorithms that lets us manifest a top-10 list of the best available Portable Laser Engraver currently available on the market.

This technology we use to assemble our list depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Brand Value: Every brand of Portable Laser Engraver has a value all its own. Most brands offer some sort of unique selling proposition that’s supposed to bring something different to the table than their competitors.
  2. Features: What bells and whistles matter for an Portable Laser Engraver?
  3. Specifications: How powerful they are can be measured.
  4. Product Value: his simply is how much bang for the buck you get from your Portable Laser Engraver.
  5. Customer Ratings: Number ratings grade Portable Laser Engraver objectively.
  6. Customer Reviews: Closely related to ratings, these paragraphs give you first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Portable Laser Engraver.
  7. Product Quality: You don’t always get what you pay for with an Portable Laser Engraver, sometimes less, and sometimes more.
  8. Product Reliability: ow sturdy and durable an Portable Laser Engraver is should be an indication of how long it will work out for you. .

We always remember that maintaining Portable Laser Engraver information to stay current is a top priority, which is why we are constantly updating our websites. Learn more about us using online sources.

If you think that anything we present here regarding Portable Laser Engraver is irrelevant, incorrect, misleading, or erroneous, then please let us know promptly! We’re here for you all the time. Contact us here . Or You can read more about us to see our vision.

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